Apple iBook clamshell repair

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Battery problems

The battery was not charging in our iBook G3 (original). I bought a new battery from OWC. I was sorely disappointed that that new battery was also not charging. Both batteries are not even recognized by the system, at least as indicated by the crossed-out-battery symbol in the menu bar.

There are several extant suggestions for solutions. All may be found in the discussion at Apple, including the one that worked for me (booting from an OS X disk):

  • Reset the PMU. Some warn that this should be done sparingly, never pressing the button more than once.
    • Turn off the computer.
    • Remove the power supply.
    • Remove the battery.
    • Press the tiny button closer to the hinge, above the power button. There is a triangular reset symbol above the hole for the button. You can use a paper clip.
    • Replace the power supply.
    • Replace the battery.
    • Turn on the computer
  • Change the battery.
  • Replace the power management circuitry.
  • Update the firmware. Follow instructions carefully, you don't want to mess up the firmware, but you want the latest version.
  • Boot from an OS X disk, which negotiates with the hardware. This requires the firmware update, 4.1.7 for iBooks without firewire, 4.1.8 for PowerBooks with built-in FireWire ports.


Re-soldering the connector
Opening the iBook case
Lots of picture:
Resetting the PMU