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In 1991, I earned a B.A. in physics, with a concentration in the history of physics. The only paper I've published in a scholarly journal (as of 2010) is Kragh and Reeves' Quantum Pioneers:a bibliometric study, part of an undergraduate research project with Helge Kragh.

I am interested in participating in the history committee in AAPT.

In the fall of 2009, I took the Cornell course STS 3301, a history of modern physics, taught by Suman Seth. It rekindled my interest in a little-understood topic. I believe the history of physics could inform a better curriculum, not just be a sidebar in textbooks. Specifically, it is possible that from the history of physics and the history of its education, we might learn that certain steps led to periods of productivity in the science, while other steps led to periods of stagnation.


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